Employment Discrimination Claims

An individual’s chosen employment involves more than just a paycheck, for many people their chosen workplace becomes like a second home and their colleagues, like family members. An individual’s sense of worth and belonging is often tied up on their employment status. When this work environment becomes hostile and/or an individual is fired from their position, the resulting harm is about more than simply the horrific loss of a paycheck, it also encompasses an individual’s self-worth and value. Our firm understands that the loss of employment (through a hostile environment, termination, or the failure to hire), impacts all aspects of an individual (and his or her family) life. In our representation, we strive to address all aspects of your employment situation, to seek an individualized solution that is in the best interest of the individual based upon the facts and circumstances of each particular situation.

Employment practices claims are very challenging because it is often difficult to distinguish between an unfair employment action and an illegal employment action. It is illegal to discriminate in hiring, promotions, termination (known as wrongful termination) or other aspects of employment on the basis of a person's race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, or age, or to retaliate against an individual for opposing such practices, or consulting an attorney or the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or equivalent state entity (in Washington, the Washington State Department of Human Rights. However, employers are never obvious about discriminatory treatment and the standard of proof for employees alleging unlawful discrimination is challenging. It is for this reason that it is so important that you consult an employment attorney to discuss and brainstorm the circumstances surrounding your situation to determine whether you have a legal claim. At our firm, we provide compassionate guidance to work with you to obtain the best possible result for your situation.

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